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Bhagat Puran Singh Ji

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He is a tall, shabbily dressed man, who may be found tramping with his wooden sandals or riding a rickshaw, along with an invalid. He always carries a brass bell hanging by his side and announcing his rrival. This man, you may call him a superman, even an angel, goes by the name of Bhagat Puran Singh. He was born and brought up in a Hindu family of village Rajewal (Rahnon) in Ludhiana district but he found greater solace and inspiration in the teachings of the Sikh Gurus, when, in spite ….Read More


In 1934, a 4- year spastic child was left early in the morning, under cover of darkness, at the main entrance of Gurdwara Dehra Sahib, Lahore. The mother of this child had died about three months back and his father, having looked-after him for about four months’ time, had suddenly disappeared, leaving the child at the premises of the farmer with whom he had been working as a farm labourer. After waiting for a few days for his father’s return, the farmer alongwith another companion took the child to various orphanages in Amritsar and Lahore, but, since the child was not able to care for himself on his own, no one accepted him. At long last, they took the child to Gurdwara Dehra Sahib. But, here also, the gurdwara management expressed its inability to keep the child. The two farmers spent the night in the gurdwara and disappeared early in the morning, under cover of darkness, leaving the child at….Read More

A Film on Sikh Hero who worked selflessly to provide the last hope.



Tasks for Pingalwara are the result of the social, economic, ethical and moral issues of the society.To solve these immediate problems Bhagat Puran Singh Ji advocated that Pingalwara must give refuge to every destitute person and must provide the following… Read More


Bhagatji was extremely worried about the deteriorating environment. He had warned the nation almost 50 years back about the problems arising from deforestation, excessive use of petroleum products, exploding population and the need to conserve our water ….Read More


Education standard of government run schools is very low and the poor people cannot afford to send their children to private schools. Bhagatji was of the view that state of poor and deprived sections of the society cannot be improved unless they are ….Read More


On an average 7-8 patients join the Pingalwara family every month. Any destitute person found on the roadside is immediately picked up by the Pingalwara staff. Patients are also received from Sri Darbar Sahib where they are at times abandoned. School and college students, made aware of their social obligations by Pingalwara also pick up sick destitute persons and bring them to Pingalwara….Read More